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Welcome to Chico's Lures !

If you use FC (flourocarbon) leaders for pike fishing please shop elsewhere

An avid Piker and user of fishing lures Chico Winterton has taken a hobby and turned it in to an obsession. This small business has started from the humble beginnings of buying and selling in Europe and America through Ebay. Now the best of American Hand-made Lures and equipment are imported for sale. Due to the nature of the manufacture, the stocks are limited, but custom baits are also available for those willing to wait.

Chico is happy to offer impartial advice on any aspect of Piking and Lure fishing, and if you require more detailed information on any product, please contact us.

Extra postage to Europe - 1.50 for 1st item + 1 for each additional item. Except where stated (heavy items) - please contact us for a quote.
Send via PAYPAL to:-
Please make cheques payable to CHICO's FISHING LURES


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